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Losing a tooth, or even multiple teeth, is a reality many face, with the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology noting that a staggering one in four individuals aged 20-44 will experience the loss of an adult tooth. This can be attributed to reasons ranging from oral health complications to accidents.

Why Do We Lose Teeth?

The culprits behind tooth loss are varied:

  • Stress-Induced Cracks: Our teeth endure a lot. Over time, the pressure from biting and chewing, combined with factors like braces, fillings, and even broken dentures can lead to stress fractures in the enamel.
  • Untreated Gum Disease: Prolonging treatment for gum diseases can cause inflammation, eventually leading to bone loss around the jawbone, and subsequently, tooth loss.
  • Cavities, Infections & Wear: Significant cavities, infections, or excessive tooth wear can also pave the way for tooth loss.

Apart from the functional challenges, missing teeth can have aesthetic implications, potentially altering our facial appearance. But thanks to modern dental solutions, you needn’t contend with these challenges.

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Navigating the World of Dentures

For those grappling with the loss of teeth, several treatments promise restoration. While options abound – from bridges resting on adjacent teeth to dental implants – dentures stand out as a reliable and versatile solution.

Types of Dentures

    • Partial Dentures: As the name suggests, partial dentures cater to those missing only a few teeth. Comprising artificial teeth anchored by metal clasps to an acrylic gum bed, they work in harmony with any existing teeth. Partial dentures are removable, ensuring ease of maintenance.

    • Full Dentures: If you’ve lost all your teeth in one or both jaws, full dentures come to the rescue. Custom-crafted to snugly fit your mouth, they replace all missing teeth, restoring functionality and aesthetics.

Both partial and full dentures, despite being durable, might require replacement or adjustment over time to ensure optimal fit and function.

Why Choose Paris Dental Clinic for Your Denture Needs?

Our commitment at Paris Dental Clinic extends beyond just offering solutions; we prioritize tailored treatments. Every denture we provide is meticulously crafted in-house, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique dental structure. Our goal is to reinstate the function and appearance of your teeth seamlessly.

If you’re navigating the complexities of tooth loss, trust us to guide you toward the most suitable denture solution for your needs. Restore your confident smile with the experts at Paris Dental Clinic.

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